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What’s a Party without a Party Trick… or Two!
This Summer Make Every Weekend Party Legendary with Pringles

Turn your party into a part-ay! Canadians live for weekends of summer fun. It’s the picnics, backyard barbecues, bonfires on the beach and music festivals that allow us to cut loose, enjoy the outdoors, get social and connect with each other. Pringles wants to infuse awesomeness into your summer party with Pringles Party Tricks.  Try out ‘The Mouth Magnet’, ‘The Duck Beak’ or create a trick of your very own and there will be are no excuse not to have fun, share some laughs and create good times. Let’s amp-up the fun and make the summer of 2013 legendary!

Pringles has partnered with Canadian improv comedian and self-proclaimed “party starter” Ian MacIntyre who has perfected ways to connect people and get the conversation going.

“Improv actors learn very quickly the importance of connecting with an audience and develop ways to make everyone feel included,” MacIntyre explains. “When you’re the host of a party, you want to make sure that everyone walks away talking about how much fun they had…. But how do you do that? Humour is a great way to get everyone connected and into party mode.  Jokes work, but when I really need to kick things up a notch... the perfect party trick never fails.”

The Makings of a Pringles Party Trick
A good party trick draws a crowd, makes people laugh and gets them talking. Knowing the basics will help you deliver crowd pleasing results.

Here are some classic Pringles Party Tricks that you can bust out at your next shindig:

The Mouth Magnet 
Place a single Pringles potato chip on the side of your face near your temple and maneuver it into your mouth without using your hand for some delicious entertainment.
The Hole in One   
Place a Pringles can in the middle of a table and lay a single chip at the edge with part of it hanging over. In one upward motion with your hand, flip the chip directly back into the can to the amazement of onlookers.
The Architect  
Pringles are perfectly stacked chips. Grab as many cans as you can and build a monstrous, sky scraping, tower of cans, topped off and decorated with the chips themselves. 
The Duck Beak
Simply put two opposite facing Pringles together and place one end of the chips in your mouth. Voila, you’re a duck!

Sometimes the best party tricks are the ones that you come up with yourself. So be creative and don’t hold back!

Ensuring Everyone Has a Blast
Another key element to hosting a great party is creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. Build your ultimate playlist, incorporate fun activities like bocce ball, ladder ball, karaoke or a friendly competition, and have an endless supply of tasty snacks and drinks on hand. The goal is to keep the energy going from beginning to end. MacIntyre suggests the following to keep guests socializing and celebrating:

  1. Give 'em some props
    Be spontaneous or at least look like you are spontaneous!  If you’re the host of a party, set up props or activities in advance to inspire new conversation and fun.
  2. Be a little unpredictable
    Instead of asking the same type of questions to start off a conversation, catch people off guard with a fun, unpredictable approach. Don’t rehearse, just improvise!
  3. Listen Up
    A big part of being social is listening to what other people have to say. By doing this, you’ll get plenty of ammunition that you can use to keep the conversation exciting, all day/night long.

What’s a party without a party trick or two? On Thursday, August 1st, Pringles is taking over Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto to kick off the long weekend (early!) with an epic summer party that will give everyone a chance to celebrate the season and show off (or practice) their best party tricks. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., partygoers will enjoy Pringles Party Tricks performed by The Sketchersons, one of Canada’s most acclaimed and award winning improv comedy troupes, party games like Pringles Mini Putt and Pringles-Pong, and groove to party tunes spun by a two of Toronto’s top DJ’s: DJ Efsharp and DJ Lexx Decibel.  Best of all, guests at the party will receive a full-size sample of Pringles simply by sharing their own Pringles Party Trick.  An on-site interactive video booth will capture the tricks so that people can share them in real-time with their social networks using the hashtag #PringlesParty.

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