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Fall for “Comfort Food Moderne” this Season with an Unexpected Fibre Fix

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MISSISSAUGA, ON, October 29, 2015 – One of the hottest food trends this fall is “comfort food moderne” — healthy, upscale comfort food — and Kellogg’s All-Bran is making it easy to indulge and get inspired. With decadent new recipes from top chefs across the country, each dish offers surprising, tasty and fibre-filled twists on comfort-food classics. All-Bran is challenging Canadians to try something new and think inside the box for an unexpected fibre fix this fall.   

“Most of us know that fibre is important, yet we all struggle to get the recommended 25 grams of fibre we need daily to promote good health. In fact, many Canadians are only getting half of that amount1,” says Natasha Millar, Senior Director, RTEC & Beverages, Kellogg Canada Inc. “We’ve partnered with some of the top culinary talent in Canada to inspire Canadians to try something new and show them that nutritious, home-cooked meals don’t need to compromise on taste or ‘wow factor’ when you add fibre.”

The powerful health benefits of fibre are well documented, too. In fact, studies show that meeting the recommended daily intake of fibre can promote regularity, contribute to healthy cholesterol levels and even help to maintain a healthy body weight. Simply by adding a versatile ingredient like Kellogg’s All-Bran Buds cereal to your recipe repertoire, favourite fall recipes get an exciting fibre fix and a nutritious, delicious meal is within reach.

To inspire Canadians to unbox something delicious, Kellogg’s All-Bran has partnered with three top Canadian chefs to create on-trend, restaurant-worthy comfort food dishes that include a surprising and healthy kick of fibre. Chef Craig Harding from Campagnolo (Toronto), Chef Connie DeSousa from Charcut (Calgary) and Chef Alexandre Gosselin from Chez Victoire (Montreal) are putting flavour and flare first with fifteen new high fibre recipes that are sure to impress. All of these recipes can be found on All-Bran’s new Pinterest page ( but to tease your taste buds, here are three creations from All-Bran’s culinary partners.

Chef Craig Harding’s All-Bran Cornish Hen Cacciatore with Roasted Shepherd Peppers and All-Bran Polenta

This modern, mouth-watering Italian-inspired main dish is enhanced with a delicious fibre boost by pairing it with a unique and unexpected All-Bran polenta. And, as it can be prepared in advance, this full-flavoured, rustic and healthy meal is perfect for a weekend dinner party or bustling weeknight meal.

Chef Connie DeSousa’s All-Bran Cheesecake Crunch in a Jar with Seasonal Fruit

A simple and scrumptious no bake dessert that appeals to the taste buds, this cheesecake is perfect all-year-round and easily customized with fresh seasonal fruit or your favourite local preserves. Velvety smooth and divinely creamy, your guests are sure to be impressed by this indulgent fibre-fix that  looks as delicious as it tastes when served in a whimsical mason jar.

Chef Alexandre Gosselin’s Cauliflower, Bacon and All-Bran Gratin

Cauliflower, one of Canada’s most popular superfoods, meets its flavour match in this crowd-pleasing gratin that brings cauliflower, bacon and fibre-rich All-Bran cereal together in a surprising and new way. Covered with a rich and creamy béchamel sauce, it can be served as a signature entrée or shine as a unique and delicious side dish. Bon Appétit!

To learn more about all the good things that come from All-Bran, visit us online at to see a full menu of surprising, delicious and fibre-filled recipe ideas. And, for additional recipe inspiration, be sure to check out the new All-Bran Pinterest page at  

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About Chef Craig Harding 
Chef Craig Harding is the Executive Chef and Owner at Campagnolo, a European-inspired restaurant located in downtown Toronto. Since opening the restaurant in 2010, Chef Harding has received significant recognition from the industry and media and has landed Campagnolo on numerous “Best of…” lists.

About Chef Connie DeSousa
As the Co-Owner and Executive Chef at Charcut in Calgary, Chef Connie DeSousa is well-known for her “back-to-basics” culinary style, providing regional food at a great value. Chef DeSousa has been widely recognized by the industry, including being a finalist on the Food Network’s Top Chef Canada and nationally as Canada’s 2013 Outstanding Chef in the GE Monogram-Terroir Awards.

About Chef Alexandre Gosselin
Chef Alexandre Gosselin, Co-Owner and Executive Chef at Chez Victoire, is one of Montreal’s most innovative chefs. Having worked in France with critically acclaimed culinary talent, Chef Gosselin has learned how to incorporate local ingredients to create surprising flavour combinations. He received the Jury Prize at the Créations de Chef Sauternes-Barsac and had participated in the Gold Metal Plates.

1 Health Canada, Canadian Community Health Survey Cycle 2.2, Nutrition. (2004). Nutrient Intakes from Food. Provincial, Regional and National Summary Data Tables: Volume 1.

1Do Canadian Adults Meet Their Nutrient Requirements Through Food Intake Alone? Health Canada, 2012: