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Hot Trends and Insights Drive New Products from Kellogg Canada


• Special K Low Fat Granola and Special K Crisps give women new tools for weight management

• Unleash your chocolatey cravings with new Kellogg’s Krave cereal

• Cinnamon and brown sugar continues to soar as Pop-Tarts debuts Brown Sugar Cinnamon Flavour Toaster Pastries

MISSISSAUGA, ON (August 30, 2012) - Kellogg Canada’s ongoing commitment to understanding consumer needs is driving the latest round of new products to delight consumers and position the company for continued success.

“Kellogg continues to excite Canadian consumers and retail partners by working hard to develop new products that fit into consumers’ lifestyles, taste preferences and nutrition needs,” said Andrew Loucks, Vice President, Marketing, Kellogg Canada Inc. “By leveraging emerging trends and insights, we’ve introduced some great new products that reflect our commitment to invest in the future growth of our categories.”

Kellogg Canada’s recently launched new products include:

Great-Tasting, Guiltless Granola: Special K Low Fat Granola

There is nothing left standing between women and the satisfying breakfast they desire. With 50 per cent less fat than the leading granola, Special K Low Fat Granola contains 3g of fat per 54g serving, while the leading granola contains 6g fat per 45g serving. Special K Low Fat Granola is made up of whole-grain clusters sweetened with a touch of honey, and toasted to perfection for a great taste and a healthy crunch. The low-fat granola is a high source of fibre and contains seven grams of protein per serving. Special K Low Fat Granola is delicious sprinkled on yogurt or fruit to help maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Snack on Track: Special K Crisps Chocolate and Cinnamon Brown Sugar Flavours

Special K knows that many women play tug-of-war between the need for a sensible snack and cravings for something with a satisfying sweet taste and texture. New varieties of Special K Crisps – Chocolate and Cinnamon Brown Sugar -- deliver two lightly sweet, crispy pastries with indulgent filling on the inside and a delicately sweet chocolate or vanilla drizzle on the outside. At only 100 calories per two bar serving, Special K Crisps are a perfect portion controlled snack to help women stay on track throughout their weight management journey.

Unleash Your Chocolatey Cravings: Kellogg’s Krave cereal

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Kellogg’s Krave is available now on grocery store shelves across Canada. With a unique crispy shell on the outside and a smooth chocolatey inside, Kellogg’s Krave delivers 8 grams of whole grain, is a source of fibre, trans fat free, a source of 7 essential vitamins and minerals in every bowl and has 170 calories per serving with ½ a cup of 1% milk. Available in two flavours: chocolate and double chocolate, Kellogg’s Krave is a delicious part of a nutritious breakfast.

CinSational Brown Sugar Cinnamon: Pop‐Tarts Brown Sugar Cinnamon Flavour Toaster Pastries

The delicious combo and great taste of brown sugar and cinnamon comes through in every bite of frosting, filling and golden crust. These aromatic, sweet and crispy toaster pastries are a source of five essential nutrients and are a delicious snack toasted, frozen or straight from the box any time of the day.

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