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From the Congee Bowl to the Cereal Bowl
Kellogg Launches New Campaign to Educate Chinese Canadians about the Benefits of a Cereal Breakfast

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO (May 14, 2012) – Kellogg Canada today announced the launch of its first-ever educational awareness campaign about the benefits of a cereal breakfast, targeted specifically at Chinese Canadians. The campaign builds on the Company’s 100-plus year commitment to nutrition and further strengthens its dedication to fueling better days for Canadian families by meeting their health and nutrition needs. From the time W.K. Kellogg discovered toasted wheat flakes and then developed Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Kellogg has established itself as a breakfast innovator. The cereal that changed the way people around the world ate breakfast has become the foundation for a long line of cereals and an impressive array of “firsts” with today’s announcement further reinforcing this progress.

“Every parent, no matter their cultural background, wants to serve their child a healthy breakfast and help them start the day strong, yet some parents might not be aware that cereal is one of the most nutritious options available,” says Sosan Hua, Registered Dietitian. “In fact, when compared to other common breakfast items, cereal can be much lower in sugar and sodium content, provides fibre, is made with whole grains and is a source of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s also a convenient and affordable choice and helps keep mornings simple.”

“This campaign presents a tremendous opportunity to reach Chinese Canadians, the second largest ethnic group in Canada,” says Andrew Loucks, vice president, marketing, Kellogg Canada Inc. “As the leading producer of ready-to-eat-cereal in Canada, Kellogg is therefore uniquely positioned to educate Chinese Canadian families on the many benefits of a cereal breakfast so they can continue to flourish and thrive. After all, at Kellogg, we believe that when you start your day with a great breakfast, great things can happen.”

The core of the new awareness campaign will include a custom microsite found by visiting Once on the site, Chinese consumers can access a wealth of important breakfast-related resources, all translated in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, including:

  •  Detailed information on the nutritional benefits of cereal;
  •  Healthy eating and healthy living tips from Registered Dietitian, Sosan Hua;
  •  Downloadable coupons for various Kellogg’s cereals; and,
  •  Simple and delicious recipes ideas

The campaign will also be supported with both traditional mass media advertising and an in-store sampling program at various retail locations across the GTA.

The Best Way to Start the Day
Experts worldwide agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for kids and adults alike. And, ready-to-eat-cereal is a nutritious, convenient and affordable choice. In fact, studies have shown that eating breakfast is closely linked to healthy body weights, improved mental alertness and physical performance. Plus, people who skip breakfast don’t make up for the missed nutrients later in the day. Cereal also helps keep mornings simple – not only do kids enjoy a cereal breakfast, but moms can feel confident that their kids are getting important nutrients and the energy they need.

Cereal Provides Good Nutrition
Cereal ranks as one of the best choices available and is part of a nutritious breakfast. It is a typically low fat, nutrient dense food with many essential vitamins and minerals. And, in addition to delivering important nutrients and essential vitamins such as iron, B vitamins and zinc, cereal also delivers the important benefits of grains, including fibre. Cereal also provides important nutrition for people at all life stages. It helps children get valuable nutrients they might otherwise miss, helps women of childbearing age get necessary iron, folic acid and fibre, and helps elderly people get the necessary nutrients they need because it is nutrient dense. In short, cereal provides good nutrition.

Convenient, Affordable Nutrition
Mornings can be hectic. You try to give your kids the best start possible, but in reality just getting them to eat can sometimes be a challenge. Cereal keeps mornings simple. Ready-to-eat cereal is the preferred breakfast in many countries and the choices keep getting better. The taste, nutrition and simplicity of Kellogg’s cereals explain why they are a mainstay in nearly 77 per cent of homes. And, at approximately 50 cents a serving for cereal and milk, families can count on Kellogg for convenient, delicious and affordable nutrition.

About Kellogg Canada
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