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In celebration of Eggo’s 75th birthday and International Waffle Day, Survey demonstrates Canadians love of iconic waffle

TORONTO, March 22, 2011 – Eggo has been popping out of toasters for three quarters of a century and in celebration Kellogg conducted a survey to take Canada’s pulse on its favourite breakfast waffle. According to a recent Harris/Decima poll conducted more than three quarters (77 per cent) of those aged 25 to 34, and 69 per cent of those 35 to 44, can properly complete the phrase L’Eggo my Eggo.

To celebrate its birthday and just in time for International Waffle Day (March 25), Eggo teamed up with three top chefs across Canada to help the unassuming waffle get “dressed” for the occasion. Celebrated chefs Carl Heinrich of Marben in Toronto; Chef Wayne Harris of MARKET at the Shangri-La in Vancouver; and Chef Laurent Godbout at Chez L’Epicier in Montreal pulled out their toasters to show Canadians how easy it is to take Eggo to new culinary heights.

“Eggo has been a fun, delicious and wholesome part of breakfast for more than 75 years” says Andrew Loucks, vice president, marketing, Kellogg Canada. “We’re delighted to give Canadians even more reason to love Eggo on this important birthday with these signature Eggo recipes courtesy of these talented chefs.”

Chef Heinrich’s Toasted Eggo Waffles with Maple-Apple Sauce, Yogurt and Granola is the healthy way to have a special delight the morning of your birthday; while Chef Godbout’s Apple ‘n Cheese Eggo Waffle puts a savoury spin on things; and Chef Harris tantalizes the taste buds with his Peaks of Vancouver Eggo. Each original recipe demonstrates how delicious, versatile and nutritious Eggo really is.

“The idea of creating something with Eggo that is both tasty and wholesome aligns with my philosophy on food,” says Marben’s Chef Heinrich – one of Toronto’s celebrated chefs. “I used inseason ingredients from my favourite local suppliers creating my version of a birthday breakfast.”


• Eggo waffles were born in 1936. Named Eggo because of their rich “eggy” taste they revolutionized breakfast as a warm, easy and delicious option.

• In 1972 Kellogg launched the famous slogan that Canadians still know today.

• If laid end-to-end, there are enough Eggo waffles sold every year in Canada to reach the entire distance across the country more than three times!

• When those who eat or serve Eggo were asked what they would do to have someone “L’Eggo their Eggo”:
-24 per cent said they would tickle someone
-19 per cent would hide the toaster
-a determined 12 per cent would pay someone to “L’Eggo”!

• Enjoying an Eggo “My Way” has become the new breakfast mantra:
-more than half (56 per cent) of those who eat Eggo enjoy them with syrup, jam or spreads
-nine per cent pile on fruit to add a wholesome boost
-six per cent like them with fruit alone
-19 per cent of us are eating Eggo right out of the toaster, either plain or with a little butter.

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**This Kellogg Company poll was conducted by Harris/Decima via teleVox, the company’s national telephone omnibus. A total of 1,002 Canadians were surveyed from January 27th to January 30th, 2011. Results are accurate to within +/- 3.1% 19 times out of 20.