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L’Eggo* my Cereal! Eggo Celebrates its 50th Birthday in Canada with Launch of Eggo Chocolate Flavour Cereal

MISSISSAUGA, ON (FEBRUARY 2, 2021)Eggo – everyone’s favourite toaster-ready waffle – is celebrating its 50th birthday in Canada by introducing NEW Eggo Chocolate Flavour Cereal featuring mini chocolate-flavoured waffle-shaped cereal pieces, dusted with a decadent chocolatey coating. This newest member of the family brings Eggo’s iconic, well-known, much-loved and delicious brand to life in the cereal aisle.

Made with whole grains and containing no artificial flavours or colours, the delicious mini waffle-shaped pieces offer an irresistible chocolate flavour that doesn’t quit, and the unique waffle pieces stay crispy in milk. The final flavour surprise is revealed when the cocoa saturates the milk, leaving a bowl of delicious chocolatey cereal milk at the end. Good to the last spoonful!                           

Eggo Down Memory Lane

First introduced in Canada in 1971, Eggo disrupted the breakfast scene with its frozen toaster-sized waffles featuring a great tasting “secret formula” that made serving a hot breakfast both easy and delicious. The beloved brand quickly became a breakfast staple, and the unforgettable “L’Eggo my Eggo” slogan was introduced the following year. To this day, the majority of Canadians can properly complete this famous catchphrase. An international sensation, Eggo has introduced many different flavours and formats over the years, including the Canadian launch of the first-ever Eggo cereal – Eggo Maple Syrup Flavour Cereal – last year. And now, as it celebrates its 50th birthday in Canada, Eggo’s innovation is reaching new heights by bringing a new sweet and crunchy chocolate flavour to the cereal aisle with Eggo Chocolate Flavour Cereal.

Raring to Eggo

“We’re excited to have chocolate lovers and Eggo fans experience this delicious new cereal,” says Christine Jakovcic, Vice President Marketing and Nutrition, Kellogg Canada. “Canadians are pleasantly surprised to find Eggo in the cereal category. It’s a whole new way to enjoy the famous Eggo we love!”

Launching as a permanent flavour, Eggo Chocolate Flavour Cereal is arriving in stores now, where it joins its sister flavour Eggo Maple Syrup Flavour Cereal. Bound to make breakfast bowls sing, both offerings are also an ideal snack, straight from the box, to enjoy Eggo-on-the-go.